O.C. Inlet Views

Nicer views of the inlet with boats, and a great overview of the boardwalk and beach. Sitting by the inlet is my favorite place to be, other than out on a boat, of course!

Experiencing Ocean Life Up Close & Personal

Touring kayak Ocean City, Maryland


There are many locations to kayak in Ocean City, Maryland, and they are also administered by private organizations and government agencies. Each is guaranteed to satisfy your need for fun and exploration as you kayak. Below you will read about just a few of them:


Ayers Creek

Ayers Creek is a spot featuring natural flora and fauna, with cool, calm waters. It is a half-mile natural waterway surrounded by forested wetlands. In 2011, the Trust For Public Land conserved these wetlands and created a spot where kayaking enthusiasts can enjoy unhindered fun in the water. This Ayers Creek kayaking destination covers 4,000 acres of the Holly Grove swamp.


Kayaking on Ayers Creek


The water at Ayers Creek is slow moving and not very deep, so you can paddle your kayak up and down the creek easily. There are stores and outfitters which can provide you with accessories and kayaking essentials to make your trip there comfortable and memorable. The icing on the cake is that the County, in conjunction with the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, is planning to launch a kayak and canoe watertrail system on the Eastern shore of the creek area. This will provide kayakers with the opportunity to enjoy the quality of the water and view various species of animals and creatures, such as the red-bellied water snake.

One of the groups that can help you to explore this kayaking spot is Ayers Creek Aventures. This is a paddlesports company that offers guided tours of the area and rents out kayaking gear. They can show you around the tidal waterways and backbays in a fun and exciting way. The company has a 2-acre property where you can enjoy picnics also. Or if you want to get your own kayak and take it with you, there are some great reviews at www.killerkayaks.com.


Assateague Island

Located near Ocean City, this island offers a variety of spots for kayaking. Assateague Island is a splendid spot that boasts waterways, a lovely beach, wild ponies and bird life too. The Assateague Island National Seashore was established in 1962 to protect this island and preserve its natural beauty. Today, the Fish & Widlife Service, in conjunction with the National Park Service, both help to preserve this beautiful island.

Assateague is a migratory station for seabirds to rest and feed, and is also home to over 320 different bird species. Wild ponies roam the island and offer a beautiful view for you during your kayaking adventures here. You can carry your kayak and accessories with you to paddle along the calm back bay waters of the island and its numerous creeks. Moreover, you can land at the clear beaches of the island for breaks in your kayaking adventures. If you need additional essentials or snacks, the Assateague Outfitters have got you covered.


Ponies of Assateague with kayakers


The Assateague Outfitters is a beach hut concession and rental shop located right on the island. The shop was created due to a partnership between SuperFun Eco Tours and MCBP, and 50% of all profits from this business go to support the MCBP program. They rent out kayaks and accessories to enthusiasts visiting the island. You can also buy refreshments and snacks at the Outfitters. In addition to that, they offer you a collection of products to use if you want to relax on the beach after a day of kayaking. Examples of these are sun block, ice-cream, umbrellas and beach toys. Assateague Island is one of the most exciting spots for kayaking in Ocean City.


Bayside-Mid Town

This is another popular spot for kayaking in Ocean City. The water in this spot changes from calm to wavy throughout the day. As such, you can enjoy kayaking on cool, calm water or wait for the waves to roll in and have a session of exciting kayak surfing. Many kayaking enthusiasts make sure to visit this spot whenever they are in Ocean City. This would be a great spot for a Hobie Adventure Island kayak, as it would provide some nice winds to let the sails take charge, and you can relax. You can bring along all your gear and accessories, and if you need any extra supplies or are in search of more fun in the water, Odyssea Watersports has got you covered.


Paddlers in Ocean City


Odyssea Watersports is a recreational facility in Bayside-Mid Town. They are a full-service watersports provider and offer a variety of kayaking essentials too. You can rent single-person or tandem kayaks from their shops. To ensure full satisfaction, every rental that you make comes with professionally delivered guidelines, paddles, and life jackets. With the equipment from Odyssea Watersports, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of kayaking in Ocean City.


So, Are You Ready To Enjoy OC?

Kayaking is a fun recreational activity that should be experienced in every body of water you can find, from the ocean to rivers to lakes. The spots indicated above are guaranteed to provide a good, quality kayaking experience. If you don’t want to kayak, you can learn about SUPs (stand up paddle boards) to find out which is the best for you. Always remember to take all your safety equipment and stay alert for any changing conditions on the water. Enjoy the beautiful Ocean City scenery from the water!

5 Of The Best Seafood Restaurants In O.C.

Many people all love seafood because it has that magical way of engaging the taste buds and exposing you to a beautiful world of flavor. If it’s not a juicy lobster, it’s definitely a crispy crab that is finely prepared. It’s easy to miss it when you travel to other cities, but the good news is that you can easily treat your taste buds to some delightful seafood in Ocean City. Not only is the place beautiful, with the best sites and friendly people, but it also has seafood restaurants that you definitely must try every time you drop by. Here are six restaurants where the seafood magic never stops.


1. Belly Busters


restaurant in Ocean City, Md


If you’re the type of person who likes to let loose as you enjoy some seafood, this is the restaurant for you. It has the best customer service, the environment is casual and ideal for relaxation, and the best part is that it’s family friendly. They offer really delicious sandwiches, subs, and seafood platters, as well as all-you-can-eat crabs and corn, fish tacos, and wraps.


2. Hooked


Ocean City seafood restaurant


No other restaurant defines creativity like Hooked. This restaurant is situated along the beach, which gives you unlimited access to the refreshing sea breezes. As you relax, you can treat yourself to some mouth-watering dishes such as jumbo crab cakes, hot wings, and some grilled chicken sandwiches. They also have a nice selection of wines to drink while you wait for your food.


3. Ky West


Ocean City restaurant Ky West


This restaurant has the best ambiance of pure relaxation, and the customer service is on point. You immediately receive a seat upon entering and you’re treated to some relaxing music as you enjoy the array of seafood goodies such as meaty subs, enticing salads, and incredible lobster dishes. There are unique dishes like the lobster pot pie, creole tuna, five cheese plate, and bumbleberry pie. It’s definitely a good value for your money.


4. The Hobbit Resturant


Ocean City's Hobbit Restaurant


This is a restaurant for you if you crave for some unique dining. It’s an adequate restaurant that allows you to eat in the manner you prefer. Clients receive some classy treatment consisting of meals divided into three courses, and you have the option of sitting and waiting for your food or going to take a breather on the patio. Try their friend green tomatoes with an elegant jumbo lump crab sauce, smoked gouda pierogies, or filet mignon done 3 different ways. They have gluten free dishes as well. You also get to enjoy some Hobbit champagne as you decide what you’ll eat. It’s simply amazing.


5. On The Bay Seafood


Ocean City On The Bay Seafood


No matter where you’re from, you’ll love this restaurant, as long as seafood is your favorite. It’s a cozy outdoor haven that lets you get a glimpse of nature’s marvels from under an umbrella. The tasty seafood is cooked with perfect precision and is prepared in a manner intended to appeal to all customers, despite their preferences. They have Crab Clusters, Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, shrimp platters, and you can even buy live crabs there. They’ll even steam them for you to pick up!

The Great Hurricane Of 1933

This is a silent video, recorded in 1933, detailing the damage caused by the Chesapeake-Potomac hurricane. It’s the storm that created the inlet, and destroyed the train tracks that connected O.C. to Assateague, therefore making it an island.

Marty’s Playland – Most Popular Arcade In O.C.

Ocean city is one of the most exciting places to spend your free time as a local, or as a tourist on vacation. The city features several miles of beach, as well as one of America’s first wooden boardwalks that is lined with shops, restaurants, hotels and video arcades, just to name a few. Together with theme park attractions and a very active boardwalk, a rich history to learn about, and the Atlantic Ocean that is active with tour boats and kayaks, this is one of the best places to vacation! It also has a deep meaning to locals and people who grew up vacationing there as a kid.


arcade Ocean City, Md


That said, the city’s three-mile boardwalk has, for many years, been a top beachfront destination for millions of people from across the world, and especially for the residents of Maryland. It’s a place where many have been able to make lasting memories of fun during the summer. Most notably, the site has a number of world class arcades that will add to your fun. One of them is the famous Marty’s Playland, which is one of the best amusement venues on the boardwalk and in the city. Lets look at some of the facts about this arcade, as far as its history, games played and other relevant details are concerned.


boardwalk arcade


Located at 5 Worcester St., Marty’s Playland is the largest arcade venue in the area and opens all year round from 9am to 1am daily. This coin-operated arcade was established in the 1940s by Marty and Anna Mitnick, who also operated it. And in just a short time, the place gained popularity among tourists who enjoyed playing the variety of games offered. Later on, Sam Gaffin (Marty Mitnick’s son in-law) took over and operated the establishment until his retirement.

The establishment was later purchased by the Trimper family, who have tried to persistently maintain its original way of operation, similar to its previous owners. And unlike most of the other arcades in the area, Playland has maintained its tradition by offering Skee Ball machines and vintage games for all families to enjoy. This is along with the 1940s vintage Fortune Teller and several other games, such as Pac Man, that were popular in the 1980s.


arcade skee-ball


Another fascinating thing about this arcade is its unique lineup of amazing pinball machines (including antiques), which have long been abandoned by most modern-day arcades. Moreover, the arcade not only offers the Pinball machines, but also the most current video games and a variety of redemption games for all ages. And depending on the player’s skill level, the redemption games, for instance, will award you tokens or coupons that can be exchanged for different items. All in all, the owners have tried to keep a perfect balance between the vintage and technologically advanced modern machines for everyone to enjoy.




Several vacation apartments are also offered on Playland’s second floor for individuals and entire families, in addition to the full arcade operated on its first floor. And being in a great location, with affordable prices, comfortable units, and a hospitable and friendly staff, these exquisite apartments are just perfect for everyone! Other vacation amenities offered include, but are not limited to, complete kitchens (with microwaves), air conditioning and heat, refrigerators and color cable TV. However, there might be more noise than usual, as there is an arcade right below that is open until 1 am.

So with all of these wonderful features and more, Marty’s Playland is a must-visit while on the boardwalk of Maryland’s Atlantic jewel, Ocean City!

Assateague Island Wild Horses

Assateague Island is just 8 miles south of Ocean City, and it’s a great camping destination and beach. They also have wild horses! Watch them wade in the water here. You can’t get this near the boardwalk, that’s for sure!

3 Great Boardwalk Hotels For Your Trip To O.C.

The Ocean City boardwalk is a fantastic place to go if you are visiting or vacationing in the area and need a hotel to stay in. There are a large number of hotels designed for families, groups, couples or singles. Below are just 3 of the hotels that can be found on or extremely close to the boardwalk. More will be added as soon as possible. We hope you find these helpful in your search for a suitable place to stay.

The Grand Hotel


grand hotel room

Jacuzzi Suite


The Grand Hotel can be found on Baltimore Avenue, just off of the Ocean City boardwalk, and is situated right in the middle of the city itself. This particular area has very easy access to a wide range of shopping and dining establishments. At this hotel, visitors can take advantage of a full-service salon and rooms with balconies that provide a stunning view of the ocean. Within the rooms themselves, visitors will enjoy access to Wi-Fi, cable tv, and a coffee machine.

The hotel also comes with a game room that has a giant chess set, billiards and a shuffle board. An outdoor AND indoor pool are also available for use. One of these pools has a bar which will allow visitors to sit back and enjoy a light snack or drink in the spring or summer. A coffee house is also available at the beach for some fantastic coffee. The Grand Hotel is only a short drive away from a wide array of shopping outlets and the Ocean City inlet.

The Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel


plaza hotel on boardwalk


The Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel is also located right in the middle of Ocean City. Visitors to the hotel will be amazed at the superb views of the Atlantic Ocean and the boardwalk. It is close to the Jolly Roger Amusement Park (a 2 mile walk or drive), which is suitable for all ages. Wi-Fi, bicycle rentals, and on-site dining are all available for those who choose to stay here.

All rooms come with a 32-inch flat-screen tv which has HBO, a coffee machine, microwave and a refrigerator. A hot tub and indoor pool both allow guests to sit back and relax, while their vehicles are protected in the on-site free parking lot. The Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel is also home to a bistro restaurant and lounge, which also has a full-service bar for visitors to take advantage of at all times.

The Quality Inn Boardwalk Hotel


efficiency room

Oceanfront Room


The Quality Inn Boardwalk Hotel is situated on Atlantic Avenue and sits right on the boardwalk. Popular attractions close by include the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum, and Assateague Island National Seashore. The hotel comes with a wide range of full-service amenities and features.

Visitors can take advantage of the exciting game room, free coffee, two swimming pools, free local phone calls, and laundry facilities. All rooms come with a flat-screen cable tv, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a choice of non-smoking rooms. This hotel also has very easy access to two different airports.

5 Classic Eateries You MUST Visit On The O.C. Boardwalk

These eateries have been around a long time and are well known as the places you MUST visit while on the Ocean City boardwalk. All but one of them are mostly for snacks or small meals and sweets. They are the classic places everyone remembers when they think back to the vacations they were on with their families when they were young. They are still there for a reason, and hopefully will always stay a part of Ocean City history. Here are 5 historical specialty food shops to visit while walking on the boardwalk:


1. Dumser’s Dairyland

Dumser’s Dairyland is one of the top places you should visit when you’re in Ocean City. This shop has been on the boardwalk since 1939, and there’s a reason why! Their ice cream is made on site and sells quickly, especially in the summer. They went from one to seven locations in the city by putting quality first before anything else.

on boardwalk

There are many different kinds of ice cream there, like Oreo Crush, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Hawaiian Delight, Butter Pecan, and Mint Chocolate Chip, among others. They also sell sundaes with custom toppings, specialty sundaes, milk shakes, ice cream floats (at certain locations), specialty ice cream sodas, and other desserts (apple pie, strawberry shortcake, etc.).


2. The Dough Roller

This restaurant opened in 1980 and has locations both on the boardwalk and in the city. There’s no way you CAN’T run into one. They serve pancakes all day, made in various ways, and if you’re vacationing at a hotel in the area, you can just go down to the boardwalk and order some pancakes, bacon, and coffee right at the beach. It’s a great feeling when you’ve had a great breakfast and walk out to smell the salty ocean air!


Three of The Dough Roller‘s locations also serve Dayton’s Boardwalk Famous Fried Chicken. Along with that, they serve pizzas, subs, sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, and Italian dinners. People seem to like the pizza and breakfasts the most and I will also personally agree with that, but different people like different things, so there’s enough of a variety for everyone!


3. Thrasher’s Fries

Thrasher’s was introduced to the city in 1929 by J.T. Thrasher, who wanted to make the best French fry ever. The fries are served in a cup and the potatoes used to create them are of the highest quality, sometimes being shipped from other states. Back then, it was run by a group of school girls that J.T. would provide housing for over what is now the Bank of Ocean City. When his health failed, he sold the business to an entrepreneur who moved it to the boardwalk, but kept the business model the same.

french fries

It was sold again in 1974, but the owners always kept following the same recipe for the fries so they would stay the same. Why stray from a formula that works? They look down on you using ketchup there and will prefer that you use the malt vinegar they have out to dip your fries in. It’s oddly pretty good once you get used to it.


4. Dolle’s Candy & Gifts

Dolle’s was started in 1910, selling salt water taffy, and by the 1920’s, it was also selling caramel corn, caramels, and fudge. It continued to be run by generations of the same family, and today they donate to many community charities to show their appreciation to the customers and city. They also give discounts to customers who refill their popcorn tubs, and the boxes they sell chocolate in are recycled materials.


Dolle’s caramel popcorn has no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and all the candies are made with natural ingredients except for the strawberry products, which is made with an artificial flavoring. They also sell chocolates, mints, gummies and other candies, fudge, and sugar free items. There’s a rewards card too, to earn free candy, and you can order online from anywhere in the country. This is definitely a company worthy of your support.


5. Fisher’s Popcorn

popcorn on the boardwalk

Fisher’s has been a family owned stand on the boardwalk since 1937, famously known for their caramel popcorn, although there are other flavors to try. There is also caramel with peanuts, butter flavored, old bay, cinnamon carmel, and white cheddar. They can all be eaten in a box, a plastic tub, or you can buy decorative cans as gifts. If you order for military who are deployed overseas, they will double your order free of charge.

A Few Boardwalk Rides To Enjoy Watching

Check out some of the rides on the Ocean City boardwalk. It’s such a fun addition to already being at the beach. This place couldn’t get any more relaxing and fun. With the history alone, it feels old yet comfortable, and it’s especially beautiful to those who grew up there or visited a lot when they were younger. Nothing can take its place, at least for me!

Awesome History Of Ocean City, Maryland!

Ocean City, Maryland is located in Worcester County and welcomes up to 350,000 weekend visitors during the summer and 8 million visitors yearly. It is second only to Baltimore in terms of popularity. The land was bought by Thomas Fenwick (who has an island named after him very close to Ocean City) and the first cottage rental began in 1869, with people arriving by stage coaches and ferries.

More and more houses popped up after that and it just took off from there. The Atlantic Hotel became the first hotel in 1875, and it was bought in 1923 by the same family who runs it today. It had more than 400 rooms and was very popular. People would eventually come in by way of railroad, especially to pick up fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

ocean city md historical picture

A major hurricane destroyed those train tracks in 1933 and created the O.C. Inlet that is seen today, allowing many fishing boats to easily access the open ocean. The inlet originally connected Ocean City to Assateague Island, another relaxing beach spot and home to wild horses. A third of the island is in Virginia, while the majority is in Maryland.

ocean city inlet

More than 15,000 condos were built by the 1970’s and there have been many beach replenishment projects over the years from the beach width shrinking. Many places stay open until December for various events that happen every year, including Sunfest, Bike Week, and Crusin’ Weekend.

The Ocean City Boardwalk is perhaps the most popular attraction, with lots of shopping, arcades, and rides along it. You can ride a tram if you get tired, because the boardwalk is mighty long. During the off-season, locals use it to get in their morning workouts. Many locals and tourists both love to ride their bikes there as well.

ocean city MD off season

There are many attractions that have been around a very long time, including Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the ferris wheel, and the amusement park rides. Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy, Dumser’s Dairyland, and Thrashers French Fries are just a few of the long-standing establishments you will find. The boardwalk has been rated as one of the best boardwalks for food. And seeing the tiger shark that was caught offshore is a must, which is located at the very end, close to the inlet.

dumser's dairyland in ocean city

Along the boardwalk, you will also find Trimper’s Rides amusement park, which was founded in 1893 and houses a famous carousel (built in the 1920’s). It was voted as being one of the best carousels in America and is one of the oldest running ones in the world. It’s really something to see and feel, because you can just sense the history when you walk inside.

trimper carousel in ocean city

Ocean City dodges direct hits from hurricanes thanks to North Carolina’s outer banks, but it can still be vulnerable to tropical storms. It has a subtropical climate that gets very humid during the summer, with a record high of 103. In the winter the record low was -6, but the average temperatures range from 88-28 with the most rain falling in September.

Maryland Route 528, known as the Coastal Highway, runs all along the ocean from Ocean City into Delaware. You will pass Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, going right into Rehoboth Beach. If you started out early, you could visit 5 resort areas in one day, but the drive is very long, straight and boring, so you might want to get some coffee before you head out!

coastline hwy along Ocean City

Parking can be a real pain in the summer, so if you don’t want to drive, there is a bus that runs throughout the city 24/7, all year round. There are numerous modes of transportation available, including buses, ferries, and trams. Or you can wait and take your chances on finding a parking spot, but you might have to wait quite a while. But that’s ok, because this historical fun place is well worth it!