Experiencing Ocean Life Up Close & Personal

Touring kayak Ocean City, Maryland


There are many locations to kayak in Ocean City, Maryland, and they are also administered by private organizations and government agencies. Each is guaranteed to satisfy your need for fun and exploration as you kayak. Below you will read about just a few of them:


Ayers Creek

Ayers Creek is a spot featuring natural flora and fauna, with cool, calm waters. It is a half-mile natural waterway surrounded by forested wetlands. In 2011, the Trust For Public Land conserved these wetlands and created a spot where kayaking enthusiasts can enjoy unhindered fun in the water. This Ayers Creek kayaking destination covers 4,000 acres of the Holly Grove swamp.


Kayaking on Ayers Creek


The water at Ayers Creek is slow moving and not very deep, so you can paddle your kayak up and down the creek easily. There are stores and outfitters which can provide you with accessories and kayaking essentials to make your trip there comfortable and memorable. The icing on the cake is that the County, in conjunction with the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, is planning to launch a kayak and canoe watertrail system on the Eastern shore of the creek area. This will provide kayakers with the opportunity to enjoy the quality of the water and view various species of animals and creatures, such as the red-bellied water snake.

One of the groups that can help you to explore this kayaking spot is Ayers Creek Aventures. This is a paddlesports company that offers guided tours of the area and rents out kayaking gear. They can show you around the tidal waterways and backbays in a fun and exciting way. The company has a 2-acre property where you can enjoy picnics also. Or if you want to get your own kayak and take it with you, there are some great reviews at www.killerkayaks.com.


Assateague Island

Located near Ocean City, this island offers a variety of spots for kayaking. Assateague Island is a splendid spot that boasts waterways, a lovely beach, wild ponies and bird life too. The Assateague Island National Seashore was established in 1962 to protect this island and preserve its natural beauty. Today, the Fish & Widlife Service, in conjunction with the National Park Service, both help to preserve this beautiful island.

Assateague is a migratory station for seabirds to rest and feed, and is also home to over 320 different bird species. Wild ponies roam the island and offer a beautiful view for you during your kayaking adventures here. You can carry your kayak and accessories with you to paddle along the calm back bay waters of the island and its numerous creeks. Moreover, you can land at the clear beaches of the island for breaks in your kayaking adventures. If you need additional essentials or snacks, the Assateague Outfitters have got you covered.


Ponies of Assateague with kayakers


The Assateague Outfitters is a beach hut concession and rental shop located right on the island. The shop was created due to a partnership between SuperFun Eco Tours and MCBP, and 50% of all profits from this business go to support the MCBP program. They rent out kayaks and accessories to enthusiasts visiting the island. You can also buy refreshments and snacks at the Outfitters. In addition to that, they offer you a collection of products to use if you want to relax on the beach after a day of kayaking. Examples of these are sun block, ice-cream, umbrellas and beach toys. Assateague Island is one of the most exciting spots for kayaking in Ocean City.


Bayside-Mid Town

This is another popular spot for kayaking in Ocean City. The water in this spot changes from calm to wavy throughout the day. As such, you can enjoy kayaking on cool, calm water or wait for the waves to roll in and have a session of exciting kayak surfing. Many kayaking enthusiasts make sure to visit this spot whenever they are in Ocean City. This would be a great spot for a Hobie Adventure Island kayak, as it would provide some nice winds to let the sails take charge, and you can relax. You can bring along all your gear and accessories, and if you need any extra supplies or are in search of more fun in the water, Odyssea Watersports has got you covered.


Paddlers in Ocean City


Odyssea Watersports is a recreational facility in Bayside-Mid Town. They are a full-service watersports provider and offer a variety of kayaking essentials too. You can rent single-person or tandem kayaks from their shops. To ensure full satisfaction, every rental that you make comes with professionally delivered guidelines, paddles, and life jackets. With the equipment from Odyssea Watersports, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of kayaking in Ocean City.


So, Are You Ready To Enjoy OC?

Kayaking is a fun recreational activity that should be experienced in every body of water you can find, from the ocean to rivers to lakes. The spots indicated above are guaranteed to provide a good, quality kayaking experience. If you don’t want to kayak, you can learn about SUPs (stand up paddle boards) to find out which is the best for you. Always remember to take all your safety equipment and stay alert for any changing conditions on the water. Enjoy the beautiful Ocean City scenery from the water!