Marty’s Playland – Most Popular Arcade In O.C.

Ocean city is one of the most exciting places to spend your free time as a local, or as a tourist on vacation. The city features several miles of beach, as well as one of America’s first wooden boardwalks that is lined with shops, restaurants, hotels and video arcades, just to name a few. Together with theme park attractions and a very active boardwalk, a rich history to learn about, and the Atlantic Ocean that is active with tour boats and kayaks, this is one of the best places to vacation! It also has a deep meaning to locals and people who grew up vacationing there as a kid.


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That said, the city’s three-mile boardwalk has, for many years, been a top beachfront destination for millions of people from across the world, and especially for the residents of Maryland. It’s a place where many have been able to make lasting memories of fun during the summer. Most notably, the site has a number of world class arcades that will add to your fun. One of them is the famous Marty’s Playland, which is one of the best amusement venues on the boardwalk and in the city. Lets look at some of the facts about this arcade, as far as its history, games played and other relevant details are concerned.


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Located at 5 Worcester St., Marty’s Playland is the largest arcade venue in the area and opens all year round from 9am to 1am daily. This coin-operated arcade was established in the 1940s by Marty and Anna Mitnick, who also operated it. And in just a short time, the place gained popularity among tourists who enjoyed playing the variety of games offered. Later on, Sam Gaffin (Marty Mitnick’s son in-law) took over and operated the establishment until his retirement.

The establishment was later purchased by the Trimper family, who have tried to persistently maintain its original way of operation, similar to its previous owners. And unlike most of the other arcades in the area, Playland has maintained its tradition by offering Skee Ball machines and vintage games for all families to enjoy. This is along with the 1940s vintage Fortune Teller and several other games, such as Pac Man, that were popular in the 1980s.


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Another fascinating thing about this arcade is its unique lineup of amazing pinball machines (including antiques), which have long been abandoned by most modern-day arcades. Moreover, the arcade not only offers the Pinball machines, but also the most current video games and a variety of redemption games for all ages. And depending on the player’s skill level, the redemption games, for instance, will award you tokens or coupons that can be exchanged for different items. All in all, the owners have tried to keep a perfect balance between the vintage and technologically advanced modern machines for everyone to enjoy.




Several vacation apartments are also offered on Playland’s second floor for individuals and entire families, in addition to the full arcade operated on its first floor. And being in a great location, with affordable prices, comfortable units, and a hospitable and friendly staff, these exquisite apartments are just perfect for everyone! Other vacation amenities offered include, but are not limited to, complete kitchens (with microwaves), air conditioning and heat, refrigerators and color cable TV. However, there might be more noise than usual, as there is an arcade right below that is open until 1 am.

So with all of these wonderful features and more, Marty’s Playland is a must-visit while on the boardwalk of Maryland’s Atlantic jewel, Ocean City!