5 Of The Best Seafood Restaurants In O.C.

Many people all love seafood because it has that magical way of engaging the taste buds and exposing you to a beautiful world of flavor. If it’s not a juicy lobster, it’s definitely a crispy crab that is finely prepared. It’s easy to miss it when you travel to other cities, but the good news is that you can easily treat your taste buds to some delightful seafood in Ocean City. Not only is the place beautiful, with the best sites and friendly people, but it also has seafood restaurants that you definitely must try every time you drop by. Here are six restaurants where the seafood magic never stops.


1. Belly Busters


restaurant in Ocean City, Md


If you’re the type of person who likes to let loose as you enjoy some seafood, this is the restaurant for you. It has the best customer service, the environment is casual and ideal for relaxation, and the best part is that it’s family friendly. They offer really delicious sandwiches, subs, and seafood platters, as well as all-you-can-eat crabs and corn, fish tacos, and wraps.


2. Hooked


Ocean City seafood restaurant


No other restaurant defines creativity like Hooked. This restaurant is situated along the beach, which gives you unlimited access to the refreshing sea breezes. As you relax, you can treat yourself to some mouth-watering dishes such as jumbo crab cakes, hot wings, and some grilled chicken sandwiches. They also have a nice selection of wines to drink while you wait for your food.


3. Ky West


Ocean City restaurant Ky West


This restaurant has the best ambiance of pure relaxation, and the customer service is on point. You immediately receive a seat upon entering and you’re treated to some relaxing music as you enjoy the array of seafood goodies such as meaty subs, enticing salads, and incredible lobster dishes. There are unique dishes like the lobster pot pie, creole tuna, five cheese plate, and bumbleberry pie. It’s definitely a good value for your money.


4. The Hobbit Resturant


Ocean City's Hobbit Restaurant


This is a restaurant for you if you crave for some unique dining. It’s an adequate restaurant that allows you to eat in the manner you prefer. Clients receive some classy treatment consisting of meals divided into three courses, and you have the option of sitting and waiting for your food or going to take a breather on the patio. Try their friend green tomatoes with an elegant jumbo lump crab sauce, smoked gouda pierogies, or filet mignon done 3 different ways. They have gluten free dishes as well. You also get to enjoy some Hobbit champagne as you decide what you’ll eat. It’s simply amazing.


5. On The Bay Seafood


Ocean City On The Bay Seafood


No matter where you’re from, you’ll love this restaurant, as long as seafood is your favorite. It’s a cozy outdoor haven that lets you get a glimpse of nature’s marvels from under an umbrella. The tasty seafood is cooked with perfect precision and is prepared in a manner intended to appeal to all customers, despite their preferences. They have Crab Clusters, Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, shrimp platters, and you can even buy live crabs there. They’ll even steam them for you to pick up!